We look forward to meeting you in September and are praying for you and your exam results if you've just taken exams! There's so much to get up to at the CU as a Fresher. See our events page for what we get up to, or more specifically, follow these links to learn more about small groups and join the Freshers' Facebook group and the main CU facebook group!

Small Groups

Just for Freshers, small groups are a great way to meet and find new friends within halls, as well as learning from God's word and and evangelise to those in our halls.

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Main CU Facebook Group
The main CU group includes up-to-date information on what goes on at the CU. Including where and when we're meeting for each event.
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Join a Church!

See below.

The CU is committed to the local church in Guildford and we strongly encourage all members to prioritise being involved with a bible teaching church in the area. Being involved with the CU is not a replacement for joining a local church because church is the primary place for discipleship and growth as a Christian. So please do find a Church you can get stuck into!

The churches we are linked with can be viewed here.